Factors Influencing Activity of Enzymes and Their Kinetics: Bioprocessing of Skin

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The conventional chemically based method of dehairing and fiber-opening discharges an enormous amount of pollutants in the processing of skins. Hence, bioprocessing of skin through a two-step process, dehairing using protease and fiber opening using α-amylase, has been developed. However, because this process involves two steps, we characterized commercial pro-tease and α-amylase for their optimum activity and determine the influence of one enzyme on the activity of the other, in order to develop an integrated enzymatic dehairing and fiber-opening process. The influence of various factors, substrate concentration, time, pH, and temperature, on the activity of both protease and α-amylase was determined. Furthermore, the activity of protease on mixing with α-amylase and vice versa was investigated. It was found that there was no significant change in the activity of one enzyme in the presence of the other. Lineweaver-Burk plots showed Km and Vmax values of 31.6 mg/mL and 0.0106 mg/(mL@min) for protease and 8.79 mg/mL and 0.0912 mg/(mL@min) for α-amylase. This study provides substantial evidence for integrating the enzyme-based dehairing and fiber-opening processes using both the selected protease and α-amylase in one step.

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