Bioprocess for Solubilization of Rock Phosphate on Starch Based Medium by Paecilomyces marquandii Immobilized on Polyurethane Foam

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Paecilomyces marquandii, a phosphate-solubilizing, starch-utilizing filamentous fungus, was immobilized on polyurethane foam (PUF). The immobilized fungus was applied in a repeated batch (six batches) fermentation process to solubilize Hirapur rock phosphate. The fungus was immobilized on PUF cubes and was used for phosphate solubilization in shake flask repeated batch cultivations. The fungus was also immobilized on PUF sheet and utilized in an airlift bioreactor in a repeated batch process. Maximum soluble phosphate (370 μg/ml) was recorded after third batch with 8 g rock phosphate/l. After 12 days of fermentation, a total production of 1,643 μg phosphate/ml was achieved.

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