Permeation Associated with Three-Phase-Partitioning Method on Release of Green Fluorescent Protein
Comparison of Growth Characteristics of Panax ginseng Hairy Roots in Various Bioreactors
Heterogeneous Aspects of Acid Hydrolysis of α-Cellulose
Characterization of Molecular Weight Distribution of Oligomers from Autocatalyzed Batch Hydrolysis of Xylan
Conversion of Sugarcane Bagasse to Carboxylic Acids Using a Mixed Culture of Mesophilic Microorganisms
Alternative Approach for Utilization of Pentose Stream from Sugarcane Bagasse by an Induced Flocculent Pichia stipitis
Hydrogen Production from Paper Sludge Hydrolysate
Single-Stage Anaerobic Codigestion for Mixture Wastes of Simulated Korean Food Waste and Waste Activated Sludge
Biosorption and Desorption of Copper (II) Ions by Bacillus sp.
Flow Field in a Shrinking-Bed Reactor for Pretreatment of Cellulosic Biomass
Lactic Acid Production Through Cell-Recycle Repeated-Batch Bioreactor
Limits for Alkaline Detoxification of Dilute-Acid Lignocellulose Hydrolysates
Genetics and Genomics in Bioenergy and Bioproducts
Development of Biobased Products
Production of Lactic Acid from Food Wastes
Microbiologic Oxidation of Isosafrole into Piperonal
Breathing Air from Protein Foam
Enzymatic Production and Conversions
Partial Purification and Kinetic Characterization of Acid Phosphatase from Garlic Seedling
Automated Filter Paper Assay for Determination of Cellulase Activity