Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Castor Oil Using Response Surface Methodology
Cell Immobilization with Polyurethane Foam for Retaining Trichoderma reesei Cells During Foam Fractionation for Cellulase Collection
Biodiesel Production from Various Oils Under Supercritical Fluid Conditions by Candida antartica Lipase B Using a Stepwise Reaction Method
Effect of Heating Strategy on Power Consumption and Performance of a Pilot Plant Anaerobic Digester
A Comparison Between Shaker and Bioreactor Performance Based on the Kinetic Parameters of Xanthan Gum Production
Periodic Fermentor Yield and Enhanced Product Enrichment from Autonomous Oscillations
Improving the Performance of a Continuous Process for the Production of Ethanol from Starch
Introduction to Session 10
Session 11
Carboxylate Platform
Carboxylate Platform
Introduction to Session 12
Determining Yields in High Solids Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Biomass
Separation and Immobilization of Lipase from Penicillium simplicissimum by Selective Adsorption on Hydrophobic Supports