Ontogenetic Changes in the Photosynthetic Apparatus and Effects of Cytokinins (Review)
The 25th Anniversary of the Foundation of the State Research Center for Applied Microbiology
Microbiological Degradation of Asymmetric Dimethylhydrazine, a Toxic Rocket Fuel Ingredient
Studies of Initial Stages of Biocorrosion of Steel
Microbial Destructors of Certain Chlorinated Organics
Effect of Space Flight Conditions on the Properties of Hydrocarbon-Oxidizing Bacteria
Plant Biotests for Soil and Water Contaminated with Oil and Oil Products
Assessment of the Integral Toxicity of Aquatic Medium Contamination with Oil and Oil Products Using Bacterial Tests
Development and Testing of the Biosorbent Ekosorb Prepared from an Association of Oil-Oxidizing Bacteria for Cleaning Oil-Polluted Soils
Development and Application of a Liquid Preparation with Oil-Oxidizing Bacteria
Microorganisms as Possible Indicators of General Soil Pollution by Dioxin-Containing Defoliants
Development of Biological Methods for Controlling the Aerobic Microorganism–Induced Corrosion of Carbon Steel
Chemicomicrobiological Diagnostics of Stress Corrosion Cracking of Trunk Pipelines
Use of Biocides as Agents against Microorganism-Induced Corrosion Increases Ecological Safety
Direct Quantitative Evaluation of the Effects of Biocides on Pseudomonas fluorescens in Various Nutrient Media
Marine Microorganisms and Their Biologically Active Secondary Metabolites,
The Commercial Use of Biodiversity.