Microelement Preparations Obtained During the Processing of Natural Flint Affect the Physiology and Biochemistry of Bifidobacteria

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Microelement preparations obtained in the course of processing flint powder stimulate the biological activity of Bifidobacterium adolescentis 94-BIM grown on complex and synthetic nutritive media. The composition of the microelement preparations differed in the content of cations and anions. Introduction of the preparations into cultures of physiologically active or anabiotic forms of bifidobacteria changed the parameters of exponential growth: compared to the controls, the cultures were characterized by an increased specific growth rate and a decreased generation time. In the presence of microelements, the development of populations of bifidobacteria was associated with a more pronounced accumulation of metabolic products (acetate, lactate, and ethanol). Introduction of microelement preparations increased the rate of synthesis of the extracellular proteinase (the maximum content of the enzyme was observed after 3 h, whereas control cultures attained this level only after 6 h).

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