Mineral Composition of Cultured Ginseng Cells

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The contents of macroelements and microelements in ginseng roots and callus cultures was determined by atom absorption spectroscopy. Ginseng cells and tissues were shown to accumulate considerable amounts of microelements. The content of six of the eleven mineral components studied (K, Ca, Na, Mo, Mn, and Cr) in callus cultures was higher than that in roots of agricultural ginseng plants. We revealed good correlations between the contents of microelements (K, Ca, and Mg), as well as between the concentrations of macroelements (Mo, Li, Cu, and Cr), in ginseng cultures. The ability to accumulate elements varied between ginseng species, which was probably related to their genetic features. Our findings indicate that cultured ginseng cells hold much promise as a source of microelements.

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