Effects of Elicitors on the Accumulation of Proteinase Inhibitors in Injured Potato Tubers

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The time course of accumulation and the composition of proteinase-inhibiting proteins in diffusates from potato tubers treated with elicitors such as salicylic, jasmonic, and arachidonic acids were studied. The 40-kDa reserve protein patatin and the chymotrypsin inhibitors, among which proteins of 24.6, 22.0, and 16.0 kDa were prevalent, accumulated in diffusates from potato tubers. Jasmonic and arachidonic acids activated the accumulation of the chymotrypsin inhibitors in tubers in response to the injury stress, whereas salicylic acid inhibited this process. The effects of jasmonic and arachidonic acids increased when their concentrations decreased to 10−6 M. Salicylic acid inhibited this process. The data suggest an important role of the lipoxygenase metabolism in signal transduction of the anti-injury defense system in dormant potato tubers.

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