Xylitol Production by a Culture of Candida guilliermondii 2581

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The yeast strain Candida guilliermondii 2581 was chosen for its ability to produce xylitol in media with high concentrations of xylose. The rate of xylitol production at a xylose concentration of 150 g\l is 1.25 g\l per h; the concentration of xylitol after three days of cultivation is 90 g\l; and the relative xylitol yield is 0.6 g per g substrate consumed. The growth conditions were found that resulted in the maximum relative xylitol yield with complete consumption of the sugar: xylose concentration, 150 g\l; pH 6.0; and shaking at 60 rpm. It was shown that the growth under conditions of limited aeration favors the reduction of xylose.

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