Action of Cu2+ on Bacillus thuringiensis Growth Investigated by Microcalorimetry

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By using an LKB-2277 Bioactivity Monitor, ampoule mode, the heat output of Bacillus thuringiensis growth metabolism is determined at 28°C and the effect of Cu2+ on B. thuringiensis growth is studied. Copper is regarded as an essential trace element for life. Its deficiency may be the cause of diseases. Cu2+ at different concentrations has different effects on B. thuringiensis growth metabolism: a low concentration (0–30 μg/ml) of Cu2+ can promote the growth of B. thuringiensis, a high concentration (40–120 μg/ml) can inhibit growth of the bacteria, and a concentration of Cu2+ of up to 130 μg/ml completely inhibits B. thuringiensis growth.

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