Biosynthesis of Hydrolytic Enzymes during Cocultivation of Macro- and Micromycetes

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Effects of cocultivation of higher basidiomycetes and zygomycetes on biosynthesis of cellulases, amylases, and proteases were studied. Four optimal pairs of cultures of fungi were selected. Of these, three pairs belonged to higher fungi and one pair was constituted by fungi of distinct ecological groups, a macromycete and a micromycete. The activities of amylase and protease were 1.5–2 times higher and the activity of cellulase was lower during the growth of associations of higher fungi. The mixed association of the macromycete Schizophyllum commune and the micromycete Mucor sp. was the most active producer of hydrolytic enzymes. During the growth of this mixed association, increases of 4 and 1.5 times were observed in the activity of endoglucanase and protease, respectively, paralleled by stimulation of amylase formation.

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