Effect of the Composition of Polysaccharides in Gelatinized Cornstarch on Alcohol Absorption

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Sorption of alcohols in aqueous suspensions of gelatinized cornstarches with various contents of amylose was studied by capillary gas chromatography. Alcohol sorption depended primarily on the structure of alcohols, rather than on the composition of polysaccharides. No correlation was found between the efficiency of sorption and amylose content in starch. The amount of substances sorbed by starches depended linearly on their initial concentration in the gel. Normal and high-amylose starches sorbed alcohols to a similar degree. However, increasing the length of alkyl substituents improved sorption of alcohols. Amylopectin starch differed in high affinity for small molecules and low sensitivity to the structure and hydrophobicity of alcohols.

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