Proteinase inhibitors in plant biotechnology : A review
Preparation and catalytic properties of trypsin immobilized on cryogels of polyvinyl alcohol
Isolation and purification of glutathione peroxidase
Glycolytic activity of enzyme preparation from the red king crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) hepatopancreas
Isolation of the protein B23/nucleophosmin from HeLa cell nuclei
Micellar laccase-catalyzed synthesis of electroconductive polyaniline
Methods for increasing nitrile biotransformation into amides using Mesorhizobium sp.3
Phenol biodegradation by a Pseudomonas sp. strain tagged with the gfp gene
Change of oil-degrading activity in microorganisms stored under laboratory conditions
Study on the Lake Baikal microbial community in the areas of the natural oil seeps
Effect of salts on luminescence of natural and recombinant luminescent bacterial biosensors
A new source of methane in boreal forests
In vitro inhibitory effect of cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpum Ait.) juice on pathogenic microorganisms1
Comparative chemical composition of the Barents Sea brown algae
Application of heat shock proteins as stress markers in aquatic organisms using endemic Baikal amphipods as an example
Biosensors for assay of glycoalkaloids in potato tubers
Effect of hydrogen peroxide on morphological characteristics and resistance of wheat calluses to T. caries Tul.
Obtaining antibodies to 1,4-Dihydropyridine calcium channel antagonists
Retention of components in a mixture of volatile organic substances by maltodextrins
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