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Comparison of two treatment approaches for prostate cancer
Dosimetric characteristics of dual‐layer multileaf collimation for small‐field and intensity‐modulated radiation therapy applications
Application of distance transformation on parameter optimization of inverse planning in intensity‐modulated radiation therapy
Design and implementation of a head‐and‐neck phantom for system audit and verification of intensity‐modulated radiation therapy
Investigation of the location effect of external markers in respiratory‐gated radiotherapy
Determination of an optimal organ set to implement deformations to support four‐dimensional dose calculations in radiation therapy planning
Commissioning a fast Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm for lung cancer treatment planning
Dosimetric evaluation of Plastic Water Diagnostic Therapy
Inhomogeneity correction and the analytic anisotropic algorithm
Cylindrical coordinate‐based TG‐43U1 parameters for dose calculation around elongated brachytherapy sources