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State of the JACMP : Thoughts on our transition and a hearty welcome to our new publishing partner, Wiley
A standardized checklist is optimal for patients’ chart check
Pixel response‐based EPID dosimetry for patient specific QA
Improving the efficiency of breast radiotherapy treatment planning using a semi‐automated approach
Dosimetric benefits of intensity‐modulated radiotherapy and volumetric‐modulated arc therapy in the treatment of postoperative cervical cancer patients
Rectal dose to prostate cancer patients treated with proton therapy with or without rectal spacer
Characterization and evaluation of an integrated quality monitoring system for online quality assurance of external beam radiation therapy
Quality assurance of a gimbaled head swing verification using feature point tracking
A method for confirming a third‐party assay of I‐125 seeds used for prostate implants
A clinical database to assess action levels and tolerances for the ongoing use of Mobius3D
Investigation of dosimetric variations of liver radiotherapy using deformable registration of planning CT and cone‐beam CT
Utilization of a 3D printer to fabricate boluses used for electron therapy of skin lesions of the eye canthi
Validation of rectal sparing throughout the course of proton therapy treatment in prostate cancer patients treated with SpaceOAR®
Does gated beam delivery impact delivery accuracy on an Elekta linac?
Development and performance evaluation of a high‐speed multileaf collimator
Organ motion in pediatric high‐risk neuroblastoma patients using four‐dimensional computed tomography
Implementation of the validation testing in MPPG 5.a “Commissioning and QA of treatment planning dose calculations–megavoltage photon and electron beams”
A method to reconstruct and apply 3D primary fluence for treatment delivery verification
Evaluation of the TrueBeam machine performance check (MPC) beam constancy checks for flattened and flattening filter‐free (FFF) photon beams
Superficial and peripheral dose in compensator‐based FFF beam IMRT
Online dosimetric evaluation of larynx SBRT : A pilot study to assess the necessity of adaptive replanning
Single fraction radiosurgery/stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for spine metastasis : A dosimetric comparison of multiple delivery platforms
Validation of a modern second‐check dosimetry system using a novel verification phantom
Helical tomotherapy to LINAC plan conversion utilizing RayStation Fallback planning
Influence of the jaw tracking technique on the dose calculation accuracy of small field VMAT plans
Room scatter effects in Total Skin Electron Irradiation : Monte Carlo simulation study
Improved prostate delineation in prostate HDR brachytherapy with TRUS‐CT deformable registration technology : A pilot study with MRI validation
Electromagnetic tracking (EMT) technology for improved treatment quality assurance in interstitial brachytherapy
Reproducibility of patient setup in the seated treatment position : A novel treatment chair design
Commissioning, clinical implementation, and performance of the Mobetron 2000 for intraoperative radiation therapy
The effects of metal artifact reduction on the retrieval of attenuation values
Optimal slice thickness for object detection with longitudinal partial volume effects in computed tomography
Development of a deep inspiration breath‐hold system for radiotherapy utilizing a laser distance measurer
An in‐house protocol for improved flood field calibration of TrueBeam FFF cine imaging