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The Dark Side of the MedPhys Match
Are in‐house diagnostic MR physicists necessary for clinical implementation of MRI guided radiotherapy?
AAPM‐RSS Medical Physics Practice Guideline 9.a. for SRS‐SBRT
Impacts of lung and tumor volumes on lung dosimetry for nonsmall cell lung cancer
Mixed integer programming with dose‐volume constraints in intensity‐modulated proton therapy
Estimation of lung tumor position from multiple anatomical features on 4D‐CT using multiple regression analysis
Comparison between electromagnetic transponders and radiographic imaging for prostate localization : A pelvic phantom study with rotations and translations
Effects of collimator angle, couch angle, and starting phase on motion‐tracking dynamic conformal arc therapy (4D DCAT)
Feasibility of CBCT‐based dose with a patient‐specific stepwise HU‐to‐density curve to determine time of replanning
Statistical process control and verifying positional accuracy of a cobra motion couch using step‐wedge quality assurance tool
Sensitivity of array detector measurements in determining shifts of MLC leaf positions
A review of nonstandardized applicators digitization in Nucletron™ HDR procedures
Efficacy of robust optimization plan with partial‐arc VMAT for photon volumetric‐modulated arc therapy : A phantom study
Robust optimization of VMAT for lung cancer : Dosimetric implications of motion compensation techniques
Monitoring deep inspiration breath hold for left‐sided localized breast cancer radiotherapy with an in‐house developed laser distance meter system
Clinical usefulness of MLCs in robotic radiosurgery systems for prostate SBRT
A novel and independent method for time‐resolved gantry angle quality assurance for VMAT
Adapting VMAT plans optimized for an HD120 MLC for delivery with a Millennium MLC
Implementation of respiratory‐gated VMAT on a Versa HD linear accelerator
Dose comparison between Gafchromic film, XiO, and Monaco treatment planning systems in a novel pelvic phantom that contains a titanium hip prosthesis
The role of CT myelography in sparing the spinal cord during definitive radiotherapy in vertebral hemangioma
Beam focal spot position : The forgotten linac QA parameter. An EPID‐based phantomless method for routine Stereotactic linac QA
Therapeutic analysis of Intrabeam‐based intraoperative radiation therapy in the treatment of unicentric breast cancer lesions utilizing a spherical target volume model
Clinical implementation and evaluation of the Acuros dose calculation algorithm
Quality assurance in proton beam therapy using a plastic scintillator and a commercially available digital camera
Characterization of a novel scale maille contralateral breast shield : SMART Armor
Submillimeter alignment of more than three contiguous vertebrae in spinal SRS/SBRT with 6‐degree couch
Dosimetric and radiobiological comparison for quality assurance of IMRT and VMAT plans
Assessment of PlanIQ Feasibility DVH for head and neck treatment planning
Do we need a new CT scan for retreatment of intracranial SRS patients?
Improved electron collimation system design for Elekta linear accelerators
Comparison of AAPM Addendum to TG‐51, IAEA TRS‐398, and JSMP 12 : Calibration of photon beams in water
IMRT QA using machine learning : A multi‐institutional validation
Preparation and fabrication of a full‐scale, sagittal‐sliced, 3D‐printed, patient‐specific radiotherapy phantom
Multi‐isocentric 4π volumetric‐modulated arc therapy approach for head and neck cancer
Dose uncertainties associated with a set density override of unknown hip prosthetic composition
Volumetric‐modulated arc therapy and intensity‐modulated radiation therapy treatment planning for prostate cancer with flattened beam and flattening filter free linear accelerators
Initial testing of a pixelated silicon detector prototype in proton therapy
Estimation of the shielding ability of a tungsten functional paper for diagnostic x‐rays and gamma rays
Fetal dose conversion factor for fetal computed tomography examinations : A mathematical phantom study
Ethical violations and discriminatory behavior in the MedPhys Match
Technical Note : Using k‐means clustering to determine the number and position of isocenters in MLC‐based multiple target intracranial radiosurgery
Technical note : TROG 15.01 SPARK trial multi‐institutional imaging dose measurement
Technical note : No increase in effective dose from half compared to full rotation pelvis cone beam CT
Re : Effect of beam profile measurement on arc therapy plan quality assurance