Tensile and Compressive Properties of FRP Composites with Localised Fire Damage

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The effect of localised fire damage on the tensile and compressive properties of fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites is investigated. A simple model based on rule-of-mixtures is presented for determining reductions to the tensile stiffness, tensile strength, compressive stiffness and compressive strength of composite panels with localised fire damage of any shape and size. The validity of the model is rigorously tested against experimental tension and compression property data for a glass/polyester composite with localised fire damage in the shape of a circle, oval, square, diamond or in a irregular shape. The model is found to accurately predict the tension and compression properties of composites with localised fire damage of any shape, and is expected to be a useful model for estimating the residual structural integrity of fire-damaged composite panels.

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