Impact Resistance of Short Fibre/Particle Reinforced Epoxy

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The influence of temperature on the fracture behaviour of epoxy-based composites was studied using an instrumented Charpy impact approach. A series of epoxy reinforced with short carbon fibres (SCF) and additionally filled with various amounts of PTFE and graphite particles was considered in this study. Unnotched specimens were tested at −196 °C, 20 °C, and 70 °C, respectively. It was found that, for specimens with the same matrix content, a proper hybridisation of composites was possible to achieve a better impact performance compared to single-filler/epoxy. For example, 10 vol.%PTFE+10 vol.%SCF/epoxy exhibited a higher impact resistance than that of 20 vol.%SCF/epoxy at all measured temperatures. Failure mechanisms at different temperatures were discussed with SEM fractography.

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