Electrochemical water disinfection. Part II : Hypochlorite production from potable water, chlorine consumption and the problem of calcareous deposits
A water-activated cuprous bromide battery
Corrosion inhibition of steel by thiourea and cations under incomplete cathodic protection in a 3.5% NaCl solution and seawater
Cyclone flow cell for the investigation of gas-diffusion electrodes
Zn and Zn–Sn alloy coatings with and without chromate layers. Part I : Corrosion resistance and structural analysis
Niobium plating processes in alkali chloride melts
High energy ball-milled Pt and Pt–Ru catalysts for polymer electrolyte fuel cells and their tolerance to CO
Electrolytic oxidation of trichloroethylene using a ceramic anode
Nonisothermal electrochemical cell for monitoring hydrogen or oxygen in high temperature water
Evaluation of the surface roughness of microporous Ni–Zn–P electrodes by in situ methods
Study of pyrite oxidation by cyclic voltammetric, impedance spectroscopic and potential step techniques
Surface treatment for zinc corrosion protection by a new organic chelating reagent
Cyclic potential sweep electrolysis for formation of poly(2-vinylpyridine) coatings
Effect of Fe(CN)6 3− | ITO interfacial cathodic current on the efficiency of the photoelectrochemical n−PbO | Fe(CN)6 3−/4− | ITO cell