Solar and Lunar Tides in Magma
Nonequilibrium Ionization Behind a Strong Shock Wave in the Mars Atmosphere
Nonlinear Electrohydrodynamic Stability of a Poiseuille Two-Layer Flow
Free Oscillations of a Thin Luid Layer of Finite Electric Conductivity under the Action of an External Magnetic Field
Compact Molecule of Beryllium
Existence of Solutions for Steady Detonation of Gas Suspensions
Generation of Nonlinear Waves on a Viscoelastic Coating in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Localized Coherent Structures in the Boundary Layer
Effect of Evaporation of Liquid Droplets on the Distribution of Parameters in a Two-Species Laminar Flow
Stability of Filtration of a Gas–Liquid Mixture
Simulation and Analysis of Transport of Gaseous Wastes from Automobile Traffic with Random Characteristics
Stability Analysis of the Growth of Particles of a Polydisperse System in a Solution under Nonisothermal Conditions
Estimate of the Latent Free Energy and Damage at the Tip of an Opening-Mode Crack
Distinguishing Features of One Model of an Elastic Solid Associated with the Long-Range Interaction at the Molecular Level
Instability of Plastic Strain and Fracture. Strain Diagram for Inhomogeneous Media
Heterogeneity of Plastic Flow of Zirconium Alloys with a Parabolic Law of Strain Hardening
Dynamic Deformation of Aluminum Alloy AMg-6 at Normal and Higher Temperatures
Calculation of Layered Shells by the Pseudogeometrical-Nonlinearity Method
Problem of Increasing the Survivability of Two-Stage Ballistic Guns
Numerical and Asymptotic Solution of the Equations of Propagation of Hydroelastic Vibrations in a Curved Pipe
Dynamic Rigidity of a Beam in a Moving Contact
Constitutive Equations of an Isotropic Hyperelastic Body
Contact Problem for a Narrow Annular Punch. Unknown Region of Contact
Determination of Periodic Changes in the Stress State of Grounds from Variations in Infrared Radiation Flux
Effect of the Conductance and Thickness of a Conducting Plate on the Signal from a Material-Velocity Inductive Transducer