Branched chain aldehydes
Bacterial volatiles and their action potential
Biocatalytic synthesis of ascorbyl esters and their biotechnological applications
Characterization of new oxidation products of 9 H -carbazole and structure related compounds by biphenyl-utilizing bacteria
Biotransformation of glycerol to D-glyceric acid by Acetobacter tropicalis
Baculovirus production for gene therapy
Cloning and functional characterization of a complex endo-β-1,3-glucanase from Paenibacillus sp.
Directed evolution of aniline dioxygenase for enhanced bioremediation of aromatic amines
Hydroxylation of naphthalene by aromatic peroxygenase from Agrocybe aegerita proceeds via oxygen transfer from H2O2 and intermediary epoxidation
A novel goose-type lysozyme gene with chitinolytic activity from the moderately thermophilic bacterium Ralstonia sp. A-471
Aconitase overexpression changes the product ratio of citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica
Effect of odhA overexpression and odhA antisense RNA expression on Tween-40-triggered glutamate production by Corynebacterium glutamicum
Characterization of a new 2.4-kb plasmid of Corynebacterium casei and development of stable corynebacterial cloning vector
Survey of enzyme activity responsible for phenolic off-flavour production by Dekkera and Brettanomyces yeast
Artificial plasmid engineered to simulate multiple biological threat agents
Study of a two-stage growth of DHA-producing marine algae Schizochytrium limacinum SR21 with shifting dissolved oxygen level
afsQ1 - Q2 - sigQ is a pleiotropic but conditionally required signal transduction system for both secondary metabolism and morphological development in Streptomyces coelicolor
Application of real-time PCR to monitor population dynamics of defined mixed cultures of moderate thermophiles involved in bioleaching of chalcopyrite
Bacterial biofilm-community selection during autohydrogenotrophic reduction of nitrate and perchlorate in ion-exchange brine