Aquatic microbiology
Development and structure of drinking water biofilms and techniques for their study
The role of exopolysaccharides in dual species biofilm development
Influence of hydrodynamics and nutrients on biofilm structure
The relationship between pipe material and biofilm formation in a laboratory model system
Potential for biofilm development in drinking water distribution systems
Bacterial colonization and biofilm development on minimally processed vegetables
Biofilms in drinking water systems: a possible reservoir for Helicobacter pylori
Mycobacterium fortuitum and Mycobacterium chelonae biofilm formation under high and low nutrient conditions
Faecal indicator impacts on recreational waters: budget studies and diffuse source modelling
Soil: the environmental source of Escherichia coli and Enterococci in Guam's streams
Distribution of the human faecal bacterium Bacteroides fragilis, its bacteriophages and their relationship to current sewage pollution indicators in bathing water
Non-compliance of beaches with the EU directives of bathing water quality: evidence of non-point sources of pollution in Morecambe Bay
The biochemical diversity of life near and above 100 °C in marine environments
Continuous culture as a tool for investigating the growth physiology of heterotrophic hyperthermophiles and extreme thermoacidophiles
Bioremediation of phenol by alkaliphilic bacteria isolated from alkaline lake of Lonar, India
Global microbial ecology: biogeography and diversity of Vibrios as a model
Effects of gilvin on the composition and dynamics of metalimnetic communities of phototrophic bacteria in freshwater North-American lakes
Bacterial interactions in the rhizosphere of seagrass communities in shallow coastal lagoons
Carbon load in aquatic ecosystems affects the diversity and biomass of water biofilm consortia and the persistence of the pathogen Campylobacter jejuni within them
Campylobacter epidemiology: an aquatic perspective
The effect of GAC filtration on bacterial regrowth and nitrification in a simulated water main
Cyanobacteria as agents for the control of pollution by pesticides and chlorinated organic compounds
Rapid direct methods for enumeration of specific, active bacteria in water and biofilms
Dielectrophoretic analysis of microbes in water
Methods for the determination of filamentous fungi in treated and untreated waters
Conventional culture for water quality assessment: is there a future?
The effects of pollution on fish health
Bacteriocin activity and probiotic activity of Aeromonas media
Food safety and products from aquaculture
Differences in molecular diversity of microbial communities from a hypereutrophic lake and the terrestrial subsurface
Microbial evolutionary ecology: lessons from hot spring communities
Characterization of extracellular products from Vibrio harvey/carchariae with toxicity to Nephrops norvegicus
Amensalism of nitrifying and iron-oxidizing bacteria in the biofilm of aquacultural biofilter