Fatty acid oxidation products (‘green odour’) released from perennial ryegrass following biotic and abiotic stress, potentially have antimicrobial properties against the rumen microbiota resulting in decreased biohydrogenation
Effects of a dietary β-(1,3)(1,6)-D-glucan supplementation on intestinal microbial communities and intestinal ultrastructure of mirror carp ( Cyprinus carpio L.)
Novel antibacterial silver-silica surface coatings prepared by chemical vapour deposition for infection control
The effect of cationic microbicide exposure against Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc); the use of Burkholderia lata strain 383 as a model bacterium
Microbial asymmetric hydrolysis of 3-substituted glutaric acid diamides
Arxula adeninivorans recombinant adenine deaminase and its application in the production of food with low purine content
Application of Illumina next-generation sequencing to characterize the bacterial community of the Upper Mississippi River
Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method for rapid identification and differentiation of Burkholderia pseudomallei and Burkholderia mallei from each other, Burkholderia thailandensis and several members of the Burkholderia cepacia complex
Isolation and characterization of antifungal compound from Lactobacillus plantarum KCC-10 from forage silage with potential beneficial properties
Use of isothermal microcalorimetry to quantify the influence of glucose and antifungals on the growth of Candida albicans in urine
Inhibitory effect of high-dosage zinc oxide dietary supplementation on Campylobacter coli excretion in weaned piglets
CpG7909 adjuvant enhanced immunogenicity efficacy in mice immunized with ESAT6-Ag85A fusion protein, but does not confer significant protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection
Tetrazolium reduction allows assessment of biofilm formation by Campylobacter jejuni in a food matrix model
Inhibition of initial adhesion of oral bacteria through a lectin from Bauhinia variegata L. var. variegata expressed in Escherichia coli
Detection and distribution of culturable Human Enteroviruses through environmental surveillance in Milan, Italy
Microbial water quality in freshwater lakes with different land use