Response of Tetraselmis suecica to nutrient and grazer manipulation
Simple growth chambers for culturing microalgae with precision at different temperatures and irradiance
Pilot plant scale extraction of alginates from Macrocystis pyrifera . 2. Studies on extraction conditions andmethods of separating the alkaline-insoluble residue
Seasonal accumulation of metals by red alga Gracilaria verrucosa (Huds.) Papens. from Thermaikos Gulf, Greece
A cytotoxic oxysterol from the marine alga Padina pavonica (L.) Thivy
Accumulation of glycinebetaine and its synthesis from radioactive precursors under salt-stress in the cyanobacterium Aphanothece halophytica
Chemical composition and potential for utilization of the marine alga Rhizoclonium sp.
Dried field populations of Nostoc flagelliforme (Cyanophyceae) require exogenous nutrients for their photosynthetic recovery
Effect of salinity and pH on growth and agar yield of Gracilaria tenuistipitata var. liui in laboratory and outdoor cultivation
Effect of total dissolved solids and irradiance on growth and toxin production by Nodularia spumigena
Phenolic compounds and antioxidant properties in the snow alga Chlamydomonas nivalis after exposure to UV light
Evidence of fusion and artificially initialized parthenogenesis in isogametes of Endarachne binghamiae (Scytosiphonaceae, Phaeophyta) from Taiwan
Isolated, distal blade discs of the brown alga Laminaria digitata form sorus, but not discs, near to the meristematic transition zone
Sorus development on median and marginal parts of the sporophyte of Laminaria japonica Areschoug (Phaeophyceae)
Reduction of nitrate leaching from soil treated with an Ascophyllum nodosum based soil conditioning agent
Toxic Cyanobacteria in Water, edited by Ingrid Chorus and Jamie Bartram
The Diatoms
Use of Algae for Monitoring Rivers III, edited by J. Prygiel, B.A. Whitton and J. Bukowska (eds)
Phycology, 3rd Edition, edited by Robert Edward Lee
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