Identification of two putative adhesive polypeptides in Caulerpa prolifera rhizoids using an adhesion model system
Rapid isolation and functional analysis of promoter sequences of the nitrate reductase gene from Chlorella ellipsoidea
Seasonal changes in growth rate, morphology and alginate content in Undaria pinnatifida at the northern limit in the Sea of Japan (Russia)
Reporter gene introduction and transient expression in protoplasts of Porphyra yezoensis
Changes in cytokinin and auxin concentrations in seaweed concentrates when stored at an elevated temperature
Extraction and characterization of agar from Australian Pterocladia lucida
Use of low-budget monitoring of macroalgae to implement the European Water Framework Directive
Stress resistance induced by paramylon treatment in Artemia sp.
A discrete-time logistic model of frond dynamics for Mazzaella parksii (Rhodophyta, Gigartinales)
Promotive effects of alginate-derived oligosaccharide on maize seed germination
Live Feeds in Marine Aquaculture
Identifying Harmful Marine Dinoflagellates
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