Genetic analysis of the position of meiosis in Porphyra haitanensis Chang et Zheng (Bangiales, Rhodophyta)
Efficient 5′ ETS walking from conserved 18S rDNA sequences of the dinoflagellates Alexandrium and Akashiwo sanguinea (Dinophyceae)
Using DCMU-fluorescence method for the identification of dominant phytoplankton groups
Isolation and characterisation of components of the Dunaliella tertiolecta chloroplast genome
Assessing scales of variability in benthic diatom community structure
Combined influence of light and temperature on growth rates of Nannochloropsis oceanica
Antioxidant activity of different molecular weight sulfated polysaccharides from Ulva pertusa Kjellm (Chlorophyta)
A photobioreactor system for computer controlled cultivation of microalgae
Comparison of growth and lipid content in three Botryococcus braunii strains
Integrated outdoor culture of two estuarine macroalgae as biofilters for dissolved nutrients from Sparus auratus waste waters