Ralph A Lewin (1921–2008)
Epi-endophytic symbiosis between Laminariocolax aecidioides (Ectocarpales, Phaeophyceae) and Undaria pinnatifida (Laminariales, Phaeophyceae) growing on Argentinian coasts
Heavy metal pollution monitoring using the brown seaweed Padina durvillaei in the coastal zone of the Santa Rosalía mining region, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico
Iota-carrageenan from a newly farmed, rare variety of eucheumoid seaweed—“endong”
Biofiltering efficiency, uptake and assimilation rates of Ulva clathrata (Roth) J. Agardh (Clorophyceae) cultivated in shrimp aquaculture waste water
The gracilarioids in South Africa
A two-stage solar photobioreactor for cultivation of microalgae based on solar concentrators
A new cell primo-culture method for freshwater benthic diatom communities
Nutrient content of tropical edible seaweeds, Eucheuma cottonii , Caulerpa lentillifera and Sargassum polycystum
Isolation and identification of a new antibacterial entity from the Antarctic cyanobacterium Nostoc CCC 537
Screening and preliminary characterization of hemagglutinins in Vietnamese marine algae
Fatty acid composition of the cold-water-inhabiting freshwater red alga Sirodotia Kylin
The cyanobacterial alkaloid nostocarboline
Outdoor open thin-layer microalgal photobioreactor
Cytochemical changes in the developmental process of Nostoc sphaeroides (cyanobacterium)
Growth characteristics of the cyanobacterium Nostoc flagelliforme in photoautotrophic, mixotrophic and heterotrophic cultivation
Development of a biofertilizer based on filamentous nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria for rice crops in Chile
Biorecovery of gold using cyanobacteria and an eukaryotic alga with special reference to nanogold formation - a novel phenomenon
An evaluation of methods for quantifying the enzymatic degradation of red seaweed Grateloupia turuturu