Effects of two species of macroalgae— Ulva pertusa and Gracilaria lemaneiformis —n growth of Heterosigma akashiwo (Raphidophyceae)
Effect of eight benthic diatoms as feed on the growth of red abalone ( Haliotis rufescens ) postlarvae
Investigation of the antifouling constituents from the brown alga Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt
Combined effect of temperature and light intensity on growth and extracellular polymeric substance production by the cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis
Cultivation of the brown alga Sargassum horneri
Isolation of algal spore lytic C17 fatty acid from the crustose coralline seaweed Lithophyllum yessoense
Effects of bacillamide and newly synthesized derivatives on the growth of cyanobacteria and microalgae cultures
Comparison of three gracilarioids
Determination of the chemical composition of ulvan, a cell wall polysaccharide from Ulva spp. (Ulvales, Chlorophyta) by FT-IR and chemometrics
Screening for marine nanoplanktic microalgae from Greek coastal lagoons (Ionian Sea) for use in mariculture
Harmonization is more important than experience—results of the first Nordic-Baltic diatom intercalibration exercise 2007 (stream monitoring)