Ivan Šetlík (1928–2009)
Factors governing algal growth in photobioreactors
Lipid productivity as a key characteristic for choosing algal species for biodiesel production
Biofuels, facts, fantasy, and feasibility
Upper limits of photosynthetic productivity and problems of scaling
From laboratory to commercial production
Simultaneous effect of irradiance and temperature on biochemical composition of the microalga Pavlova lutheri
Towards genetic improvement of commercially important microalga Haematococcus pluvialis for biotech applications
Microbial flocculation, a potentially low-cost harvesting technique for marine microalgae for the production of biodiesel
Fermentation study on Saccharina latissima for bioethanol production considering variable pre-treatments
Growing Ulva (Chlorophyta) in integrated systems as a commercial crop for abalone feed in South Africa
The mass cultivation of Ecklonia stolonifera Okamura as a summer feed for the abalone industry in Korea
Changes in composition of rockweed ( Ascophyllum nodosum ) beds due to possible recent increase in sea temperature in Eastern Canada
A comparative analysis of phycocolloids produced by underutilized versus industrially utilized carrageenophytes (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)
Monthly variation in the chemical composition of Eisenia arborea J.E. Areschoug
The red alga Porphyra dioica as a fish-feed ingredient for rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss )
Removal of rhodamine B from aqueous solution by sorption on Turbinaria conoides (Phaeophyta)