Dependability of Psychological Brand Barometers. I. The problem of reliability
An analysis of 19 occupational scores of the Strong vocational interest test given to 418 students entering the University of Michigan medical school during the years 1928, 1929, 1930
Psychological factors in the sales interview
Apprentices' attitudes toward their training and the construction of a diagnostic scale
Background and personal data as factors in the prediction of scholastic success in college
The truth about the lie detector
Driver clinics in the field
The relationship of measures of visual acuity and ametropia to reading speed
The estimation of performance-time in simple tasks
Comparison of the standard and a “self-scoring” form of the Vineland adjustment score card
Relation of scores in Strong's interest analysis blanks to success in selling casualty insurance
A further analysis of the Young-Estabrooks studiousness scale
The Education of Personality
The Definition of Psychology
Psychology of Advertising
Objective Analysis of Musical Performance
Logic, Theoretical and Applied