The ninety-fourth issue of the Psychological Barometer and a note on its fifteenth anniversary
Studies of job evaluation. 7. A factor analysis of two point rating methods of job evaluation
Improving the selection of linotype trainees
Per cent increase in output of selected personnel as an index of test efficiency
Inter-relationships of selected personnel functions
The effect of smoking on tremor
Factors in the design of clock dials which affect speed and accuracy of reading in the 2400−hour system
The effect of instrument dial shape on legibility
Cumulative effect of a series of campaign leaflets
A validating study of the Work Preference Inventory
Influence of college science courses on the development of attitude toward evolution
Job evaluation methods
The Society for the Advancement of Management, New York Chapter, 1945 Conference Proceedings : Selection of sales personnel and aptitude testing
The people look at radio
Item-analysis data, their computation, interpretation, and use in test construction
Controlled eye movements versus practice exercises in reading
Dynamics of learning
The psychology of human differences