The weather and other factors influencing employee punctuality
Prediction of turnover among clerical workers
Percent increase in proficiency resulting from use of selective devices
Efficiency of tests when used to select the better of two workers
Ratings of candidates for promotion by co-workers and supervisors
Turnover factors as assessed by the exit interview
The quartile difference method of item selection
The construction of a personality scale to predict scholastic achievement
Kuder interest patterns of medical, law, and business school alumni
Kuder interest patterns of student nurses
Personality factors in choice of nursing
Item-validity of the Lee-Thorpe Occupational Interest Inventory
Scalability and validity of the socio-economic status items of the Purdue Opinion Poll
The relation of motivation and skill to active and passive participation in the group
Studies in social interaction. III. Effect of variation in one partner's prestige on the interaction of observer pairs
Methods of conducting critiques of group problem-solving performance
Logical reasoning : with and without training
The effect on recall of changing the position of a radio advertisement
Check-reading as a function of pointer symmetry and uniform alignment
Visual performance as a function of low photopic brightness levels
Evaluating supervisory training at the job performance level
Criterion rationale for a personnel research program
How's your empathy?
Principles of human relations, applications to management
The psychology of learning
Management behavior and foreman attitude
Personnel interviewing