Development of the Job Diagnostic Survey
Standardized observations
Employee reactions to job characteristics
The reciprocal nature of influence between leader and subordinate
Leader structure and subordinate satisfaction for two hospital administrative levels
Relation between peer perception of leader behavior and instructor-pilot performance
Relationships of age and seniority with career variables of engineers and scientists
Relationships of cessation of smoking with job stress, personality, and social support
Studies in typewriter keyboard modification
Studies in typewriter keyboard modification
Reduction of copying errors with selected alphanumeric subsets
Persuasive effects of sales messages developed from interaction process analysis
Note on the Kaufman and Johnson studies of the differential validities of peer nomination techniques
Comments on Downey's note
Effects of sampling, follow-up letters, and commitment to participation on mail attitude survey response
Impact of questionnaire length, follow-up methods, and geographical location on response rate to a mail survey
Effects on response rates of formal and informal questionnaire follow-up techniques
IQ score and mailed questionnaire response
Some characteristics of inaccessible respondents in a telephone survey
A cross-cultural study of the validity of the expectancy theory of work motivation
The college student as interviewer
Preferences of industrial managers for information sources in making promotion decisions
Relationship between organizational climate and the situational favorableness dimension of Fiedler's contingency model
Cola and diet cola identification and level of cola consumption
Product quality ratings as a function of availability of intrinsic product cues and price information
A computer readability formula designed for machine scoring