Effects of Productivity Goals, Creativity Goals, and Personal Discretion on Individual Creativity
Interdisciplinary Examination of the Costs and Benefits of Enlarged Jobs : A Job Design Quasi-Experiment
Meaning and Measurement of Turnover : Comparison of Alternative Measures and Recommendations for Research
Long-Term Follow-Up and Benefit–Cost Analysis of the Jobs Program : A Preventive Intervention for the Unemployed
Impact of Pretrial Instruction on Jurors' Information Processing and Decision Making
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Predicting the Perceived Fairness of Parental Leave Policies
Determinants and Consequences of Salary Negotiations by Male and Female MBA Graduates
Tokenism in Performance Evaluation : The Effects of Work Group Representation on Male–Female and White–Black Differences in Performance Ratings
Memory in a Jingle Jungle : Music as a Mnemonic Device in Communicating Advertising Slogans
Relationship Between Type A Behavior Pattern and Mental and Physical Symptoms : A Comparison of Global and Component Measures
Social Influence Processes Affecting Adolescent Substance Use
State or Trait : Effects of Positive Mood on Prosocial Behaviors at Work
Self-Monitoring and Trait-Based Variance in Leadership : An Investigation of Leader Flexibility Across Multiple Group Situations
Comparison of Predictive Validities Measured With Biserial Correlations and ROCs of Signal Detection Theory
Impact of Management by Objectives on Organizational Productivity