Meeting Trainees' Expectations
Modeling Galatea
Further Analyses of the Dispositional Argument in Organizational Behavior
Detection of Guilty Knowledge With Event-Related Potentials
Biased Lineups
Member Competence, Group Interaction, and Group Decision Making
On the Extent and Reduction of Avoidable Absenteeism
Effects of Grievance Activity on Absenteeism
Development and Test of a Task Level Model of Motivational Job Design
Task Interdependence and Extrarole Behavior
Relationship Between Organizational Justice and Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
Agreement Between Expert-System and Human Raters' Scores on Complex Constructed-Response Quantitative Items
Models of Supervisory Job Performance Ratings
Rater–Ratee Race Effects on Performance Evaluation
Changes in Raters' Perceptions of Subordinates
Faking Biodata Tests
Race Effects in Performance Evaluations