Refinements in Validity Generalization Methods
Juror Competence in Civil Trials
Eyewitness Identification Accuracy, Confidence, and Decision Times in Simultaneous and Sequential Lineups
A Meta-Analysis of the Association Between Authoritarianism and Jurors' Perceptions of Defendant Culpability
A Comparison of the Behavioral Rating Accuracy of Groups and Individuals
Task Cues, Dominance Cues, and Influence in Task Groups
Complex Interdependence in Task-Performing Groups
Chronic Demands and Responsivity to Challenge
Commitment as a Moderator of the Goal–Performance Relation
What Is Coefficient Alpha?
Perceptions of Promotion Fairness and Promotion Candidates' Qualifications
Autonomy as a Moderator of the Relationships Between the Big Five Personality Dimensions and Job Performance
Evaluating Interventions With Differential Attrition
Cognitive Processes in Self-Report Responses
Responses to the Original and Revised Job Diagnostic Survey
Accuracy of Confidence Ratings Associated With General Knowledge and Eyewitness Memory
Misconceptions in Martin and Terris's (1991) “Predicting Infrequent Behavior
Influence of Top Management Commitment on Management Program Success