Recruitment Sources and Posthire Outcomes for Job Applicants and New Hires
Longitudinal Study of the Effects of Information Seeking on Newcomer Socialization
Organizational Attractiveness
Dynamic Criteria and the Measurement of Change
Further Exploration of Typical and Maximum Performance Criteria
Rating Format Research Revisited
Nature and Consequences of Halo Error
Diaries, Checklists, Evaluations, and Contrast Effects in Measurement of Behavior
Processing Objective and Question Order Effects on the Causal Relation Between Memory and Judgment in Performance Appraisal
Performance in Relation to Job Skill Importance
Utility of Predicting Group Membership and the Role of Spatial Visualization in Becoming an Engineer, Physical Scientist, or Artist
Members' Participation in Local Union Activities
The Effects of Partisan Third Parties on Negotiator Behavior and Outcome Perceptions
Investigation of the Factors That Influence Employees' Participation in Development Activities
Using Cohen's Tables to Determine the Maximum Power Attainable in Two-Sample Tests When One Sample Is Limited in Size
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Application of Cognitive, Skill-Based, and Affective Theories of Learning Outcomes to New Methods of Training Evaluation