Organized Industrial Psychology Before Division 14
Early Influences on the Development of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Bruce V. Moore
Psychology's Entrepreneurs and the Marketing of Industrial Psychology
American Female Pioneers of Industrial and Organizational Psychology During the Early Years
Effects of a Respite From Work on Burnout
Sampling Variance in the Correlation Coefficient Under Indirect Range Restriction
Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment as Longitudinal Predictors of Job Performance
Interviewers' Perceptions of Person–Organization Fit and Organizational Selection Decisions
Cognitive Interviewing Procedures and Suggestibility in Children's Recall
Antecedents and Consequences of Sexual Harassment in Organizations
Reducing the Biasing Effects of Judges' Nonverbal Behavior With Simplified Jury Instruction
Realism in Eyewitness Confidence as a Function of Type of Event Witnessed and Repeated Recall
Vigilant and Hypervigilant Decision Making