Cultural Influences on Cognitive Representations of Conflict : Interpretations of Conflict Episodes in the United States and Japan
Interaction of Social Skill and General Mental Ability on Job Performance and Salary
Goal Congruence in Project Teams : Does the Fit Between Members' Personal Mastery and Performance Goals Matter?
A Closer Look at the Relationship Between Justice Perceptions and Union Participation
Influence of Performance Evaluation Rating Segmentation on Motivation and Fairness Perceptions
Prejudice Matters : Understanding the Reactions of Whites to Affirmative Action Programs Targeted to Benefit Blacks
Impact of Guided Exploration and Enactive Exploration on Self-Regulatory Mechanisms and Information Acquisition Through Electronic Search
Dispositions and Work Reactions : A Multilevel Approach
Coping With Sexual Harassment : Personal, Environmental, and Cognitive Determinants
Are Female Managers Quitters? The Relationships of Gender, Promotions, and Family Leaves of Absence to Voluntary Turnover
Explication of the Coping Goal Construct : Implications for Coping and Reemployment
Minority Dissent and Team Innovation : The Importance of Participation in Decision Making
Dimension and Exercise Variance in Assessment Center Scores : A Large-Scale Evaluation of Multitrait–Multimethod Studies
A Diagnostic-Ratio Approach to Measuring Beliefs About the Leadership Abilities of Male and Female Managers
Bothered by Abstraction : The Effect of Expertise on Knowledge Transfer and Subsequent Novice Performance
Pink Triangles : Antecedents and Consequences of Perceived Workplace Discrimination Against Gay and Lesbian Employees
Perceived Victimization Moderates Self-Reports of Workplace Aggression and Conflict
Relationship of Core Self-Evaluations to Goal Setting, Motivation, and Performance
Mug Shot Exposure Prior to Lineup Identification : Interference, Transference, and Commitment Effects
Attributions of the “Causes” of Group Performance as an Alternative Explanation of the Relationship Between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Performance
Turnover and Organizational Performance : A Comparative Analysis of the Effects of Voluntary, Involuntary, and Reduction-in-Force Turnover
One-at-a-Time Versus Grouped Presentation of Mug Book Pictures : Some Surprising Results
The Causes of Organizational Citizenship Behavior : A Motivational Analysis