Cultural Influences on Cognitive Representations of Conflict
Interaction of Social Skill and General Mental Ability on Job Performance and Salary
Goal Congruence in Project Teams
A Closer Look at the Relationship Between Justice Perceptions and Union Participation
Influence of Performance Evaluation Rating Segmentation on Motivation and Fairness Perceptions
Prejudice Matters
Impact of Guided Exploration and Enactive Exploration on Self-Regulatory Mechanisms and Information Acquisition Through Electronic Search
Dispositions and Work Reactions
Coping With Sexual Harassment
Are Female Managers Quitters? The Relationships of Gender, Promotions, and Family Leaves of Absence to Voluntary Turnover
Explication of the Coping Goal Construct
Minority Dissent and Team Innovation
Dimension and Exercise Variance in Assessment Center Scores
A Diagnostic-Ratio Approach to Measuring Beliefs About the Leadership Abilities of Male and Female Managers
Bothered by Abstraction
Pink Triangles
Perceived Victimization Moderates Self-Reports of Workplace Aggression and Conflict
Relationship of Core Self-Evaluations to Goal Setting, Motivation, and Performance
Mug Shot Exposure Prior to Lineup Identification
Attributions of the “Causes” of Group Performance as an Alternative Explanation of the Relationship Between Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Organizational Performance
Turnover and Organizational Performance
One-at-a-Time Versus Grouped Presentation of Mug Book Pictures
The Causes of Organizational Citizenship Behavior