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Virtual Reality and Applied Psychophysiology
Virtual Reality Cue Reactivity Assessment : A Case Study in a Teen Smoker
A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Study of Cue-Induced Smoking Craving in Virtual Environments
Stimulation of Cortisol During Mental Task Performance in a Provocative Virtual Environment
Documenting the Efficacy of Virtual RealityExposure with Psychophysiological andInformation Processing Measures
Neurophysiological Age Differences During Task-Performance in a Stereoscopic Virtual Environment
Review of Four Studies on the Use of Physiological Reaction as a Measure of Presence in StressfulVirtual Environments
Cognitive Ergonomics in Virtual Environments : Development of an Intuitive and Appropriate Input Device for Navigating in a Virtual Maze
Mechanisms of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy : The Role of the Behavioral Activation and Behavioral Inhibition Systems
Using Virtual Reality to Study Alcohol Intoxication Effects on the Neural Correlates of Simulated Driving
fMRI Hippocampal Activity During a VirtualRadial Arm Maze
Development of a Data Management Tool for Investigating Multivariate Space and Free Will Experiences in Virtual Reality