Important Announcement
Virtual Reality and Applied Psychophysiology
Virtual Reality Cue Reactivity Assessment
A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) Study of Cue-Induced Smoking Craving in Virtual Environments
Stimulation of Cortisol During Mental Task Performance in a Provocative Virtual Environment
Documenting the Efficacy of Virtual RealityExposure with Psychophysiological andInformation Processing Measures
Neurophysiological Age Differences During Task-Performance in a Stereoscopic Virtual Environment
Review of Four Studies on the Use of Physiological Reaction as a Measure of Presence in StressfulVirtual Environments
Cognitive Ergonomics in Virtual Environments
Mechanisms of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy
Using Virtual Reality to Study Alcohol Intoxication Effects on the Neural Correlates of Simulated Driving
fMRI Hippocampal Activity During a VirtualRadial Arm Maze
Development of a Data Management Tool for Investigating Multivariate Space and Free Will Experiences in Virtual Reality