Calculations of the IR Intensities of Absorption Bands by the Hartree–Fock (ab initio) and Density‐Functional Methods
Simultaneous Determination of the Content of Iron and Zinc by the Spectral Correction Technique with the Use of Dibromo-o-Nitrophenylfluorone
Nonequivalence of NH Bonds in the Amino Group of Aminotoluenes in Complexes of Various Compositions
Density‐Functional Theory Calculations of Normal Modes and Raman Intensities for Tetraazaporphin
IR Absorption Anisotropy of Films of Copper Phthalocyanine and Composites Based on It in the Region of γ-(CH) Oscillations
Effect of the Pyranose Ring Conformation on the Vibrational Spectra of Sugar Epoxides
Spectrophotometric Characteristics of Peat Having Various Origins and Degrees of Decomposition
Electronic Spectra and Fluorescence Polarization Kinetics of Thin Zn-Porphyrin Films
Collisional Relaxation of the Optically Induced Dichroism of Complex Molecules in a Gas Phase
Room Temperature Phosphorescence of the Membrane Proteins of Human Erythrocytes*
Photoinduced Electron Transfer From Carbazole to Halomethanes in a Gas Phase
Dynamics of a Boundary Layer in Nonlinear Total Internal Reflection Inside a Laser Resonator
Generalized Approximation of Strong Interaction of Waves in the Theory of High-Power Radiation Frequency Doubling
Compression of Nanosecond Pulses upon Reflection from a Thermally Nonlinear Medium
Influence of Erythrocyte Aggregation on the Scattering Properties of Blood
Optical and Photoelectric Inhomogeneity of CdTe : V Crystals
Optical Spectra of Residual Porous Silicon
Optical and Paramagnetic Properties of Synthetic Diamond Single Crystals with a Low Content of Nitrogen
Electroluminescence of ZnS-Mn Single Crystals
Spectral-Luminescent Properties of Deposited Rhodamine 6G Films
Optical Resonances of the Systems of Nanoparticles with a Metallic Shell
Steric Effect of an ortho-Alkyl Group on the Stretching Vibration Frequency of Phenol Hydroxyl
Influence of the Type of a Ligand on the Intensity of Luminescence of Ln3+ Ions in Aqueous Solutions
Determination of the Coefficient of Laser Radiation Reflection from Dielectric Targets in Vacuum
IR Reflection of Thin Bi4Ge3O12 Films
Optical Properties of the (CuInSe2) x ·(2ZnSe)1−x and (CuInTe2) x (·2ZnTe)1−x Solid Solutions
Effect of Selective Excitation of Gold Atoms in a Nonequilibrium Oxygen Plasma of a Combined Glow Discharge
Spectral Analysis of the Microelemental Composition of Renal Calculi