Editors’ Award, vegetation survey, remote sensing and restoration
Regional context affects native and alien plant species richness across habitat types
Plant diversity consequences of a herbivore-driven biome switch from Grassland to Nama-Karoo shrub steppe in South Africa
Active restoration of woody canopy dominants in degraded South African semi-arid thicket is neither ecologically nor economically feasible
Direct and indirect effects of grazing constrain shrub encroachment in semi-arid Patagonian steppes
Resilience, persistence and relationship to standing vegetation in soil seed banks of semi-arid Australian old fields
Vegetation changes associated with cattle ( Bos taurus ) and wombat ( Vombatus ursinus ) activity in a riparian forest
Restoration of native vegetation following exclosure establishment on communal grazing lands in Tigray, Ethiopia
Recolonization of vascular epiphytes in a shaded coffee agroecosystem
Traits and growth of liana regeneration in primary and secondary forests of Central Amazonia
The age of Calluna stands moderates post-fire regeneration rate and trends in northern Calluna heathlands
Response of blanket bog vegetation to drain-blocking
The influence of environment, management and site context on species composition of summer arable weed vegetation in Hungary
Spectral heterogeneity of QuickBird satellite data is related to fine-scale plant species spatial turnover in semi-natural grasslands
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Decadal-scale aspen changes: evidence in remote sensing and tree ring data