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Restoring grasslands with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi around remnant patches
Using management to determine drivers of alien plant invasion and limits to native restoration
Effects of adding an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi inoculum and of distance to donor sites on plant species recolonization following topsoil removal
Re-vegetation with native species does not control the invasive Ruellia simplex in a floodplain forest in Florida, USA
Response of native versus exotic plant guilds to cattle and elk herbivory in forested rangeland
Linking historical land use to present vegetation and soil characteristics under slash-and-burn cultivation in Madagascar
Recovery of target bryophytes in floating rich fens after 25 yr of inundation by base-rich surface water with lower nutrient contents
What factors determined restoration success of a salt marsh ten years after de-embankment?
Biomass removal by clipping and raking vs burning for the restoration of abandoned Stipa -dominated European steppe-like grassland
Creation of micro-topographic features: a new tool for introducing specialist species of calcareous grassland to restored sites?
Phosphorus limitation relates to diet selection of sheep and goats on dry calcareous grassland
Assembling productive communities of native grass and legume species: finding the right mix
Plant functional shifts in Central European grassland under traditional flood irrigation
Evaluating an unmanned aerial vehicle-based approach for assessing habitat extent and condition in fine-scale early successional mountain mosaics
Vegetation classification and biogeography of European floodplain forests and alder carrs
The Upper Mississippi River floodscape: spatial patterns of flood inundation and associated plant community distributions
European Vegetation Archive (EVA): an integrated database of European vegetation plots
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