Life-time contributions of Joop Ringelberg to new approaches in aquatic ecology, father of modern aquatic ecology in the Netherlands
Two examples of the interplay between field observations and laboratory experiments from 35 years of research with planktonic organisms
Zooplankton research
On the way to eternity; the success of an aquatic laboratory microecosystem
What individual life histories can (and cannot) tell about population dynamics
Temperature tolerances of toxic dinoflagellate cysts
Defenses in phytoplankton against grazing induced by nutrient limitation, UV-B stress and infochemicals
Zooplankton-phytoplankton interactions
The edibility of Staurastrum chaetoceras and Cosmarium abbreviatum (desmidiaceae) for Daphnia galeata/hyalina and the role of desmids in the aquatic food web
Neutral markers, ecologically relevant traits, and the structure of genetic variation in Daphnia
Tail spine length in the Daphnia galeata complex
On the implications of predator avoidance
Uv-B and Biosphere. Edited by J. Rozema, W.W.C. Gieskes, S.C. van de Gejin, C. Nolan and H. de Boois.
Dutch Society for Aquatic Ecology (NVAE)