Wind-induced sand transport in Tagus estuarine beaches
Fortnightly light and temperature variability in estuarine intertidal sediments and implications for microphytobenthos primary productivity
Phytoplankton spring bloom in the Tagus coastal waters
Interactions of light, temperature and inorganic nitrogen in controlling planktonic nitrogen utilisation in the Tagus estuary
DDT concentrations in surficial sediments of three estuarine systems in Portugal
Organotin in the Tagus estuary
Occurrence of vertebral deformities in Gobiidae (Pisces) from the Tagus estuary
Changes in the Tagus nursery function for commercial fish species
Do fish communities function as biotic vectors of organic matter between salt marshes and marine coastal waters?
On the use by birds of intertidal areas of the Tagus estuary
The impact of European Directives on estuarine and coastal science and management
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