Extracellular enzyme-clay mineral complexes
Microphytobenthos activity and fluxes at the sediment-water interface
Sensitivity of US Gulf of Mexico coastal marsh vegetation to crude oil
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures of decomposing tropical macrophytes
The structuring role of free-floating versus submerged plants in a subtropical shallow lake
Physical-Biological Coupling in Southern Lake Michigan
Phenotypic Plasticity in Life-history Traits and Feeding Appendages in Two Species of Daphnia Fed a Natural Phytoplankton Assemblage
Spatial patterns and population dynamics of plant-associated microcrustacea (Cladocera) in an English shallow lake (Little Mere, Cheshire)
Benthos as the basis for arctic lake food webs
Comments on Wijnhoven et al. (2003)*
Reply to comments on Wijnhoven et al. (2003)*
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