Seasonal dynamics of amino acids in two small Siberian reservoirs dominated by prokaryotic and eukaryotic phytoplankton
Phytoplankton growth in the Ohio, Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, USA : inter-site differences in light and nutrient limitation
Acute and chronic toxicity of the pesticide methyl parathion to the rotifer Brachionus angularis (Rotifera) at different algal ( Chlorella vulgaris ) food densities
Development of tolerance against toxic cyanobacteria in Daphnia
The relative importance of sediment and water column supplies of nutrients to the growth and tissue nutrient content of the green macroalga Enteromorpha intestinalis along an estuarine resource gradient
Artificial radionuclides in aquatic plants of the Yenisei River in the area affected by effluents of a Russian plutonium complex
Comparative study of monitoring South-Finnish rivers and streams using macroinvertebrate and benthic diatom community structure
The macrophyte, Stratiotes aloides , protects larvae of dragonfly Aeshna viridis against fish predation
Competitive interactions between two successful molluscan invaders of freshwaters : an experimental study
Stable Isotopes as a Tool for Nutrient Assimilation Studies in Larval Fish Feeding on Live Food
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