Production and biomass of picophytoplankton and larger autotrophs in Andean ultraoligotrophic lakes : differences in light harvesting efficiency in deep layers
Influence of N/P ratio on competitive abilities for nitrogen and phosphorus by Microcystis aeruginosa and Aulacoseira distans
Diel vertical migration of the copepod Thermocyclops inversus (Kiefer, 1936) in a tropical reservoir : the role of oxygen and the spatial overlap with Chaoborus
A laboratory study on the demography and competition of three species of littoral cladocerans from Lake Huetzalin, Xochimilco, Mexico
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Effects of food limitation and temperature on cladocerans from a tropical Brazilian lake
Effect of mixed diets (cyanobacteria and green algae) on the population growth of the cladocerans Ceriodaphnia dubia and Moina macrocopa
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Daphnia distribution in Andean Patagonian lakes : effect of low food quality and fish predation
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Management of Laguna Alalay : a case study of lake restoration in Andean valleys in Bolivia
Combined effects of zinc and algal food on the competition between planktonic rotifers, Anuraeopsis fissa and Brachionus rubens (Rotifera)
Exposure time-dependent cadmium toxicity to Moina macrocopa (Cladocera) : a life table demographic study