The Behavioral Dyscontrol Scale-II with Non-Elderly Veterans
Base Rate of Performance Invalidity among Non-Clinical Undergraduate Research Participants
Embedded Validity Indicators on CNS Vital Signs in Youth with Neurological Diagnoses
Detecting Cognitive Impairment After Concussion : Sensitivity of Change From Baseline and Normative Data Methods Using the CogSport/Axon Cognitive Test Battery
Normative Data for the Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status in Elderly Chinese
Aggregating Validity Indicators Embedded in Conners' CPT-II Outperforms Individual Cutoffs at Separating Valid from Invalid Performance in Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
Verbal and Visuospatial Working Memory as Predictors of Children's Reading Ability
A Prospective Study of the Influence of Acute Alcohol Intoxication Versus Chronic Alcohol Consumption on Outcome Following Traumatic Brain Injury
Pediatric Neuropsychology : Medical Advances and Lifespan Outcomes
The Neuropsychology of Cancer and Oncology
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