Clinical Significance of Skin Biopsies in the Diagnosis and Management of Graft-vs-Host Disease in Early Postallogeneic Bone Marrow Transplantation
Treatment of Perioral Rhytides
Value of Capillary Microscopy in the Diagnosis of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Nosocomial Acquisition and Carrier State in a Wound Care Center
Columnar Epidermal Necrosis
Narrowband TL-01 Phototherapy for Patch-Stage Mycosis Fungoides
Necrolytic Acral Erythema Associated With Hepatitis C
The Prevalence of Seborrheic Keratoses in People Aged 15 to 30 Years
Outcome Measures of Disease Severity in Atopic Eczema
Odds Ratios and Relative Risks
Advantage of Smaller Trials for the Widespread Use of Sedative Drugs
The Relationship Between Melanoma and Continuous or Intermittent Exposure to UV Radiation
Biologic Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinoma
A Remarkable Result of a Double-Masked, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Erythromycin in the Treatment of Pityriasis Rosea
Why a Skin Biopsy?
Resurfacing Procedures
Controlling Nosocomial Infection
Giving "Scale" New Meaning in Dermatology
Tender Nodules on the Legs of a Cardiac Transplant Recipient
Multiple Light-Yellow Papules
Symmetrical Black Plaques on the Toes
Diffuse and Progressive Papules and Nodules
Regression of Deeply Infiltrating Giant Condyloma (Buschke-Löwenstein Tumor) Following Long-term Intralesional Interferon Alfa Therapy
Previously Undiagnosed Sarcoidosis in a Patient Presenting With Leonine Facies and Complete Heart Block
The Appropriateness of Curettage and Electrodesiccation for the Treatment of Basal Cell Carcinomas
Accuracy of Diagnosis of Seborrheic Keratoses in a Dermatology Clinic
Preliminary Evidence for an Association of Measles Virus With Recurrent Aphthous Ulceration
A Cycle: Recurrent Gram-negative Folliculitis With Citrobacter diversus (koseri) Following Eradication of Recurrent Staphylococcal Pyoderma
Candida parapsilosis Chondritis Successfully Treated With Oral Fluconazole
Nutria Itch
Genetic Mosaicism in an Acquired Inflammatory Dermatosis Following the Lines of Blaschko
Double-blind, Right/Left Comparison of Calcipotriol Ointment and Betamethasone Ointment in the Treatment of Prurigo Nodularis
Comparison of Urinary 8-Hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine in Patients Treated With Topical Corticosteroids, UV-B, and Psoralen UV-A Therapies
June 2000
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